Donor Spotlight – Gene & Sally Herritt

By April 13, 2022November 13th, 2023Meet CVSM

Gene is originally from the Williamsport, PA, area with a BS in Education from Clarion and an MEd in Reading from Shippensburg. Sally was born and raised in Chambersburg, then moved to Shippensburg when they got married. They have a daughter, Andi, and a grandson, Lyric. Sally retired as Executive Director of Chambersburg Community Theatre (CCT) after 25 years but continues to volunteer & perform with the group.

Sally is a singer, having studied voice with Peg Weeks as a teenager, and with Marjorie Hirsch at Juniata College. She continues to perform in her church choir and, when available, with the Mercersburg Area Community Chorus, as well as being an independent performer.

Sally knew Meagan Boozer from Chambersburg Community Theatre prior to the opening of CVSM, so she has known about the school from the beginning. Gene was first introduced to CVSM when someone mentioned they were looking for a board member and knew that he had experience with serving on non-profit boards.  Watching students perform and grow as a result of their experience with CVSM made him feel as if a non-talented person like him can still contribute to the arts.

Three words to describe CVSM: Gene—Talent, Growth, Opportunity; Sally—Excellence, Creativity, Passion

CVSM exists to provide people of all ages the opportunity to explore and grow their talent and interests in the arts. This is an economical alternative for the students and a chance for qualified teachers to reach more students through the school’s promotions of their offerings.

CVSM competes with local schools and private tutors, but no one else in the area is doing everything that CVSM does. The organized efforts of the CVSM staff allow for tutors to teach under the CVSM roof and reach a wider audience for their own talents as educators.

Gene and Sally consider CVSM a worthwhile local charity because of the opportunities the school provides local residents who wish to take advantage of them. It has brought over the years a high degree of talent both to and from our community. It helps to showcase the quality of talent and people that are here in South Central Pennsylvania and inspires them to continue offering financial support where they can. Having a background in the performing arts (dance, drama, music), Sally feels it is so important to support organizations that promote a love of the arts. Everyone enjoys music even if they don’t sing or play an instrument. Life without music would be a very dull existence.

Gene has bored his family and friends since his college days with stories of when he spent two summers hitchhiking around the country. That gave him a chance to see a lot of the country and experience the people from the areas he visited. Traveling in other parts of the world with Sally when she was on concert tours gave him additional travel experiences.

All of us fortunate enough to live in this area experience good people and good opportunities. CVSM is one of many and they are pleased to be a part of the community and to participate in its growth and its cultural development.