Mission Statement

We are creating a musical community where high quality instruction and performance opportunities are available to all.

Our Core Values

We believe that the benefits of the study of music and the participation in musical activities extend beyond musical proficiency to academic and vocational performance, social skills and enriching one’s life experiences. 

Performance Begins Here!

  • Maximized Potential: A commitment to maximize the potential of students and faculty. 
  • Unlimited: A commitment to serving individuals of all ages, aptitudes and interests regardless of race, creed or financial status.
  • Supportive: A commitment to building a community based on mutual respect among our faculty, students, alumni and other arts organizations.
  • Important: A belief that music is vital to the human experience and not expendable.
  • Committed to Excellence: A commitment to provide quality music instruction.

Founded in 1990, the school is housed in Thomson Hall on the Wilson College Campus,with multiple satellite locations in Franklin County, PA. Our doors are open to all; choose what is most valuable to you, be it a lesson, a class, or a performance.

We believe that music can enrich everyone’s life!