Financial Aid

The following information is provided to assist students, parents and faculty members in understanding the financial aid policies of the Cumberland Valley School of Music. It should be understood that current funding for financial assistance through CVSM remains somewhat limited, however every effort will be made to assist those students who, because of financial difficulties, would otherwise be unable to study at CVSM. Merit awards are also available for students who have demonstrated exceptional talent and/or potential. These awards are determined through an audition process held in the Spring of each year. Separate guidelines are available for merit awards.

Financial Aid Award Policies

If financial aid is granted for Fall Semester, teacher evaluations help to determine whether the award is given for the Spring Semester. Recipients must reapply at the beginning of a new school year. Any aid received is applied on a per lesson basis, and is not given to the student in the form of cash. If there is a reduction in the length of lesson time, the award will be decreased accordingly. Any increase in lesson time during the year will not result in a proportionate increase in the award. A student who withdraws prior to the completion of a semester will not receive credit on his/her financial aid for subsequent enrollment.

The acceptance of financial assistance from CVSM carries with it an obligation on the part of the student to attend lessons on a regular basis and work diligently on making progress in his/her principal area of concentration. Financial aid may be withdrawn at any time if, in the opinion of the principal teacher and the Executive Director, the recipient fails to meet the minimum standard which are expected by the teacher and CVSM. The receipt of aid does not guarantee assistance in the future.

Recipients of financial aid may be asked to perform on behalf of CVSM, either as a soloist or part of an ensemble, or may be requested to assist in school events by serving as an usher, helping with bulk mailing or similar activities. Consideration will be given to conflicts with school, church, and family activities.

Recipients will be asked to sign a letter of agreement accepting the financial aid and return it within two weeks of notification of the award.

CVSM is committed to providing assistance to those students who might otherwise be unable to study at the school. Limitations in the amount of aid available may mean that not every student with a demonstrated need can be helped. All applications received by the stated deadlines will be considered equally and the school will assist as many students as possible. In almost every instance, the student is expected to pay at least something towards his or her lessons, no matter how small that contribution is.

  • All applicants must submit a complete copy of the most recent federal tax return. This material cannot be returned to you.
  • It is important that any additional information which might effect the decision of the school to grant aid be detailed as part of the application. Such information might include unusual medical expenses or expenses for education. Please document such expenses.
  • All information submitted will be kept in strict confidence.