Music & Mental Health: Are You a Villain or a Superhero?

By June 10, 2024Tips & Techniques

Thoughts, Villains, and Superheroes

Everyone needs a hero. And today the one you need could be you!

Do you have a performance coming up? Or a special project that’s gotten your nerves into overdrive?

What kinds of things are you saying to yourself?

Are you being your superhero or your worst villain?

Before we talk about superheroes, let’s talk about villains.

Think about a movie with a particularly nasty villain. Now picture that villain in your head and answer these questions:

  • What kinds of things does the villain say? Are they encouraging words or harmful?
  • How do others feel when they’re around? Upbeat and happy or fearful and sad?
  • And does the villain produce good deeds or bad ones?

Villains are a lot like those thoughts of self-doubt and self-defeat you might be having when it comes to your upcoming performance. They sound like:

  • Who do you think you are?
  • Everyone else is better than you.
  • You’re going to mess up and everything’s going to be ruined.
  • Do you actually think you’re going to get noticed?

Villainous thoughts sound malicious. They sneer and taunt. And they try to convince you that they’re bigger and more powerful than the superhero.

They show up, uninvited, when you least expect it.

But just like the superhero has a choice in the movies when the villain shows up on the scene, YOU have a choice when unwelcomed, vile villainous thoughts come into your mind…

(cue the Avengers triumphant theme music when the superheroes gathered…)

You can be the superhero you need in this exact moment!

The choice is yours.

You can either listen to the villain, and become imprisoned or defeated by it, or…

SHUT IT DOWN! Defeat it! Put it in its place!

How do you, the superhero of your mind, defeat villainous uninvited visitors?

Well, not by arguing with them. 

It’s never wise to argue with a liar. Any thought that comes into your mind that makes you feel defeated or less than… Yes, you guessed it. That’s a lie.

Nope. You rise up and wield your weapons of truth!

What are those weapons? True thoughts. Thoughts that reflect reality, not the fear the villain is trying to convince you is reality. Thoughts that say:

  • This is what I’ve trained for!
  • I know who I am!
  • Even if I mess up, I have the power to recover and end strong!
  • This is my moment and I refuse to let fear steal it from me!

You can be the superhero in your story. The villain doesn’t have to win.

Your thoughts are your superpower.

Thoughts that produce the opposite of what the villain attempts to do.

Thoughts of love, peace, kindness, beauty, confidence, and power.

When it comes to villains, you don’t waste time arguing with them. That only gives them a foot into the door of your mind to do even more of their villainous work.

So, the next time a villain shows up in your thoughts, remember this:

You always have a choice. Your first thoughts may be villains, but you have the power to defeat them with your inner superhero! 


This is mental health. 


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