Faculty Spotlight – Jane Peatling, cellist

By February 14, 2020Meet CVSM

Meet Jane

Jane performing with Marlin at Chefs Walk

Jane Peatling is a cellist and has been an instructor with CVSM since it was founded in 1990. She took a break from teaching in the 2000’s and has now been back teaching for 5 years. What she likes most about teaching at CVSM is being part of a vibrant musical community. She was originally drawn to teaching at CVSM for the energy of a new venture and the ease of the administrative side of arranging lessons.

Jane would use these three words to describe CVSM: Vibrant, Musical, and Community.

She enjoys listening to any music performed by Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, as well as Paul McCartney’s album “Memory Almost Full” and Steve Martin playing the banjo. Her favorite piece to perform is Amanda McBroom’s “The Rose.” Music is one thing she can’t live without.

Jane loves the camaraderie of musicians and bringing pleasure to listeners. She realized at about 20 years of age that she had some skill at sharing what she knew about playing the cello and love to share this knowledge. She feels connected to her teachers from the past and the entire community of cellists of the past through her teaching. Her top three life highlights are all music related: playing on stage at Avery Fisher Hall in NYC, performing Bach Cantata 150 with Middlebury College Choir on tour in Town Hall NYC, and getting a hug from Mstisla Rostropvich.

She enjoys knitting, singing, and painting. At age 10, she was dedicated bookworm. When she was younger, she wanted to be a United Nations Interpreter. She has lived in numerous places including New Haven, CT; Detroit, MI; Middleburg, VT; Denver, CO; Portland, ME; and Alexandria, VA.

When asked if she is messy or organized, she replied she is “messily organized.” And if she were a color, she would be Purple.