Meet the Nolls

By January 27, 2020Meet CVSM

Jeff Noll, CVSM Instructor and Parent

L-R: Joshua, Jordan, Caleb, Careth, Jeff

CVSM has been my musical family for going on 27 years.  I continue to teach piano, CVSM Children’s Choir (formerly Cumberbunds), and Voice Camp.  It has been a pleasure to work with such gifted colleagues and to share the wonderful gift of music with hundreds of children over the years.  I feel like CVSM has offered me a place to not just teach music, but see students grow in discipline, character and love for what is beautiful.  To me, CVSM is about investing in the whole person.  I have been there long enough now to say that I have taught the children of my students.  I even have former students that have taught for CVSM.  That thought makes me smile.  We enrich the lives of generations of people through the love and the study of music.

I speak not only as a teacher, but as a dad whose family has been richly influenced.  CVSM has also been where my children have grown up, literally and musically.   I only missed one Voice Camp performance in 22 years of directing.   In 1998, I directed the Voice and Drama Camp production of “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.’  The campers were ready to go on the same Saturday my first son, Joshua, was ready to come into the world.  My good friend, Paula Hepfer, so graciously stepped in to cover for my absence.  A few months later, at his first Gala, Joshua was all decked out in his little bowtie and suspenders and my special friend and colleague, Peg Weeks, stated, “Why Jeff, he is your magnum opus.”  I could share many personal memories just like this about my family and CVSM. 

Each of my children began their musical experience with Susan Whitelock and then moved into singing in Cumberbunds with me until they were too old.  Each Thursday has been our family CVSM day.  Through my children’s time at CVSM they have developed friendships and their musical identity.  They continue to have the privilege of being influenced by outstanding, caring teachers with whom they have built friendships.   Their musical experience at CVSM has benefited them and given us great family memories performances.  Enjoying and creating music is what we experience in our home every day, and I am grateful for our CVSM experience that has fostered that.

Jordan Noll, CVSM alumna

I have been involved with CVSM since before I can remember.  I have taken flute, piano and voice lessons over the years, along with participating in Musical Kaleidoscope, the Cumberbunds children’s choir, and Voice and Drama Camp.  I was blessed to be an instrumental merit award recipient in 2015, ’16, ’17 and ’18.  The instruction that I received at CVSM has allowed me to become a successful musician.  I like making music because it allows me to express myself, and it also gives me something that I can work towards mastering; like a sport, I can practice and see myself improve.  Over the years, the people at CVSM have become like a second family.  My teachers are not just teachers, they have become my friends.  Not to mention, CVSM has brought me closer to my family by giving us opportunities to make music together, and making my dad my piano teacher and choir director!  Although my major is not music, I am still participating in as many musical activities as I can in college.  I can honestly say that I miss my CVSM family while I am at college, and look forward to visiting soon!


Careth Noll, CVSM Student

My first CVSM music class was Susan Whitelock’s Musical Kaleidoscope class. I’ve been playing Clarinet for around 5 or 6 years (started in 5th grade). I’ve been singing since 2013, when I first joined Cumberbunds and started taking voice lessons in 2016. Since then they’ve never been able to get me to stop making music! I first wanted to start playing the violin in 5th grade, but our school wouldn’t let me play in the band. My sister plays the flute and she told me about the clarinet, so I said I’d try it. I grew up loving to sing, so when I was old enough, I joined the Cumberbunds. I love making music because it is something fun that I love to do. Sometimes when I sing, I get to step into the shoes of a character and be that person. When I play I get to express myself in my music. When you’re looking at a piece of music that you know you’re going to have problems with, slow it down. Even though it might be super hard, it helps tremendously in the long run. Always go into a lesson with a good attitude and feel confident in what you’re about to play or sing. We make music because we love it. CVSM has really opened many doors in my life. 1- My dad is a teacher there, so if he wouldn’t have gotten a job there years ago, I probably wouldn’t be around as much as I am. 2-It’s helped me grow musically with having AMAZING teachers who work with me and help me grow. 3- It’s taught me many important lessons that will always stay with me, like how to go through an audition, how important it is to be prepared, and how to make great lasting friendships.


Caleb Noll, CVSM Student

He likes Marlin (Barnes) and he loves to play drums.  He endures Cumberbunds on the outside, but inside he loves the interaction with the boys and HE SINGS ALL THE TIME!!!!