*Nathaniel Lease, trombone and brass instructor

Teaching Statement

My goal is to keep students curious, whether it is about music, history, science, anything really. Curiosity is what drives me to better myself, and I hope to inspire my students to step outside their box to examine something new!

Teaching Bio

In addition to CVSM, Nate is on faculty at Hagerstown Community College, where he teaches different classes and brass instruments. In addition, Nate is also the brass instructor for the North Hagerstown High School Hub Marching Band. Nate completed his Master’s degree at the University of Delaware, with a concentration in Trombone Performance. While there, he was able to teach non-music majors lessons in addition to teaching future teacher’s how to play the trombone. Nate has had experience teaching all ages and skill levels, and looks forward to working with you!

Performance Bio

As a performer, Nate has had the pleasure of performing with many different groups. He has performed in many different Musicals, Operas, chamber groups, jazz groups, bands and orchestras. Most recently, Nate was part of the US premiere of Ethel Smyth’s The Prison with the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra, and performs with local chamber groups and the Hagerstown Municipal band and Big Band. Nate also performs with the Patriot brass ensemble, where he performs anything from patriotic tunes to pop standards. Nate currently lives in Hagerstown with his wife, Sara.http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-music-symbols-border-image3602364

*Gloria Kelly McCauley, piano & trumpet instructor

B.S. Mu Ed Lebanon Valley College.  Has taught music in the public school system, elementary through Jr. High.  She has been organist and pianist in various churches and is former Director of Music, Trinity Lutheran Church.  Currently serves as pianist at Chambersburg Brethren in Christ Church. Gloria has served as musical director for many CCT productions, has played piano, trumpet, and/or string bass in pit orchestras, and is the former accompanist for the Towne Singers, who have made five European tours.


*Stephen Pastena, french horn instructor

Teaching Artist Statement

I strongly believe that every person has the ability to learn music to some degree, and that formal study in music, while worthy for its own sake, also benefits the music student in many other aspects of life and learning. As a teacher I strive to be understanding yet firm, consistent, with high expectations for my students. I will teach, and have taught, students of all ages, from five years old to adults-it is never too late to learn a musical skill. What I love about teaching is seeing the proud look in a student’s eyes when they’ve accomplished a goal, or the delighted look as they understand something for the first time. I love being there to guide them on their journey through the world of music and art.

Teaching Bio

Stephen holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Education from George Mason University, and is currently working on a Master of Music in Music Education at Shepherd University. He has been teaching private piano and horn lessons for over ten years, with a significant portion of that time being at Music and Arts in Hagerstown. Stephen teaches piano students from the age of 5 through adulthood, and horn students at any level. He has a strong focus on foundations, music reading, and music theory. He recently began teaching through CVSM, and is looking forward to reaching more students.

Performance Bio

Stephen graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Music degree in December 2007. As a horn player, he performed in various ensembles, including the symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, wind symphony, pep band, horn choir, and assorted groups for graduate conducting recitals. He has played in many pit orchestras from high school throughout college and beyond. Since graduation Stephen has played in various groups around the Cumberland Valley region, including the Hagerstown Municipal Band, Frederick Symphony Orchestra, Shippensburg Festival Orchestra, Mercersburg Community Chorus, Shepherd University Chorale, and the Appalachian Winds. In addition to his work as a horn player, Stephen is the organist and choir director at St. Stephen Lutheran Church in New Kingstown, PA, and is the sub-dean of the Cumberland Valley Chapter of the American Guild of Organists. He participates in numerous recitals per year around the area. Stephen has studied horn with Mr. Ed Albinski, Dr. David Whaley, and Mr. Ted Thayer; piano with Dr. Kelly Ker-Hackleman; and organ with Mr. Terry Sisk and Mr. Mark King.