* Fred Gleason, low brass instructor (Greencastle location only)

Teaching Statement:

I love teaching the low brass instruments! My approach starts with establishing a daily routine to cover the basics of proper brass performance. This is a sure path to improvement. Then, when working on specific pieces, I thoroughly enjoy sharing my approach to methodically tackling the task at hand.

Teaching Biography:

I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in trombone performance at Catholic University in Washington, DC. I graduated in May of 1976. I returned to that institution for a Master’s degree in performance which was awarded in 1981. For the last 10 years (since 2010) I have been the low brass instructor at the Barbara Ingram School for the Arts in Hagerstown, MD.

Performance Bio:

After a successful audition I accepted a position as trombonist in The United States Army Band in Washington, DC in July of 1976. My career there encompassed 33 years until my retirement in 2009. I had the honor of performing for seven US Presidents in high level ceremonies. Concert performances with the band throughout the country and overseas were a highlight of my time in uniform. In addition to my military performances I had the opportunity to play many freelance concerts at such venues as the Kennedy Center, Washington National Cathedral, Carnegie Hall, and at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

*Nate Lease, low brass instructor

Teaching Statement:

No matter how young or old you are, I personally believe that you can learn music! My personal teaching style comes from years of learning, exploring, and a continuation to expand my own knowledge and curiosity. As a teacher, I strive for every lesson being an upward slope to your own personal success! We will determine your goals and work on the skills needed to have your own “toolbox” in your back pocket!  

Teaching Biography:

Nathaniel has been privately teaching brass instruments for over 5 years. Before joining the team at CVSM, he was an instructor at Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s Community Music School, where he taught low brass students throughout the Indiana PA area. Nathaniel also teaches students at Hagerstown Community College. Nathaniel teaches brass students at any level and any age. Nathaniel focuses on foundations, including scales, sound and technique. He recently began teaching at CVSM, and looks forward to working with you!   ‘

Performance Biography:

Nathaniel graduated from the University of Delaware with a Master of Music degree in Trombone Performance. As a freelance musician, Nathaniel has performed with many groups, including the Saturday Morning Brass Project, Hagerstown Choral Arts, Loudoun Symphony, Johnstown Symphony, Altoona Symphony, and Shippensburg Orchestra. He also has lots of experience in musical pits, performing in them since high school. Nathaniel has studied with Dr. Bruce Tychinski, Dr. Christian Dickinson and Mr. Justin Moore.  

Gloria Kelly McCauley, piano & trumpet instructor

B.S. Mu Ed Lebanon Valley College.  Has taught music in the public school system, elementary through Jr. High.  She has been organist and pianist in various churches and is former Director of Music, Trinity Lutheran Church.  Currently serves as pianist at Chambersburg Brethren in Christ Church. Gloria has served as musical director for many CCT productions, has played piano, trumpet, and/or string bass in pit orchestras, and is the former accompanist for the Towne Singers, who have made five European tours.

* Katrina Neyman, piano &  French horn instructor 

Teaching Artist Statement:
Teaching music has been a lifelong passion of mine. Music is so much more than notes and rhythm – it’s storytelling through sound. Communicating an idea or emotion through sound to an audience is both a challenge and a gift, both of which can be fostered with patience, empathy, listening, and grit. But most importantly, music should be fun! Infusing humor, analogies, and funny stories throughout my teaching helps students to understand concepts in new ways and to enjoy the process of learning.

Teaching bio:
Born and raised in North Central Pennsylvania, Katrina Neyman has been performing and teaching in Maryland and Pennsylvania for 6 years. After completing her Bachelor’s in Music Education from Messiah University, Katrina went on to teach 3rd – 5th grade band and strings in Anne Arundel County Maryland. She then worked at Cameron County School District teaching general music, 5th-12th grade chorus, and 5th-12th grade band, including marching band. She currently teaches 5th and 6th grade band and jazz band at Shippensburg Area School District. She’s working to attain her Master’s in Education.

Performing Bio:
Katrina has performed with the Anne Arundel Community College Wind Ensemble, the Shippensburg University Orchestra, and has played in pit orchestras for musicals over the years. She has accompanied choirs for neighboring school districts and has played piano and horn for churches. For the Keith Lance Kuhlman Competition, held at Messiah University in 2016, Katrina earned runner-up and honorable mention for her performance of Laudatio, by Bernard Krol.