*Nathan Abel, Music Production Instructor

Teaching Artist Statement:

The ability to record and produce music lets a musician’s work come to life. There is no greater
joy for me than hearing a musical idea transformed into a fully realized song, resulting in
something that can be shared and enjoyed endlessly. Music production also allows students to
uncover new sounds and develop new genres. By sharing the process of recording and
producing music, I hope to enable students to create music that could not otherwise exist.

Teaching Bio:

Nathan has been playing music in some way, shape or form since he was 4 years old. He
minored in music at Cornell University, graduating in 2020. During his time there he honed his
skills in music production, African and Japanese percussion, and studied voice and
composition. He has led music production workshops in the past, most notably at the
Mercersburg Academy Music Department. He began teaching at CVSM in 2021.

Performance Bio:

Nathan writes, produces, and releases R&B/Pop music under the name ‘Nathaniel Oku.’ He
has amassed over 150,000 streams/listens to date and has been featured by numerous music
blogs including Hype Off Life, From The Intercom, CTown Sounds, and more. Additionally, he
composed and aided the recording of a Japanese Taiko piece featured in NPR’s The World
According to Sound.