1st Place: Grace Hong, violin

Student of Deb Stotelmyer

2nd Place: Hannah Bauler, cello

Student of Danielle Karppala

3rd Place: Jordan Noll, flute

Student of Amanda Bietsch

Honorable Mention: Andre Madison, cello

Student of Michael Cameron

Benjamin A. Rhine Award:  

Jack Wood

 Violin Student of Deb Stotelmyer

Trumpet Student of Gloria McCauley



1st Place: Zakary Reynolds

Student of M. Susan Matson

2nd Place: Rebekah Duvall

Student of Julia Emig

3rd Place: Tucker Eiker

Student of  Jaranell Fritts

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Bryson

Student of Brian Helman





1st Place: Elizabeth Hill

Student of Paula Hepfer

2nd Place: Annabelle Garman

Student of Autumn Turner

3rd Place: Careth Noll

Student of Elisabeth Turchi

Honorable Mention: Jordan Yeager

Student of Elisabeth Turchi